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Welcome to Ali Car Care

Ali Car Care has more than 17 years of experience serving Charlotte, North carolina.

The Ali Car Care team have ASE Certified Technicians and Mechanics specializes in all kind of repairs in Charlotte, NC for all Brands and Cars.

The Ali Car Care team specializes in all kind of repairs in Charlotte, NC. Our repair shop is equipped with specialized diagnostic equipment not generally found outside of a new car dealership. Many studies have shown that you will save upwards of 40% or more by using an independent specialty shop verses a dealerships’ service department. Their expensive buildings and extensive advertising campaigns simply don’t allow them to compete.

Based at the Milton road in Charlotte, our friendly local garage is built on the core values of traditional customer service, reliable workmanship and a transparent approach to automotive excellence at highly affordable prices. Because we work as an independent outlet, we can provide cost-effective car repairs in Charlotte at a fraction of comparative main dealer prices.

We offer our customers a superior level of automotive excellence at prices to suit all budgets. The Ali Car Care is a firmly established service center providing services like Engine diagnostics, General repairs, transmission service, flat repair,Oil and coolant flush etc. We are delighted to offer our customers an extensive service range including car health checks by appointment.

At Ali Car Care, we always aim to deliver quality workmanship using the latest trade practices to ensure your vehicle is always fully maintained and in safe working order. Our experienced team of technicians undergo advanced training with the latest trade technology to bring you a full range of engine management and diagnostic services.

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  1. Syed Shah
    Syed Shah September 30, 2014 at 8:51 AM .

    Great work done for my BMW. The BMW 330i Engine Fan was broken because of a negligence by me, I used to get fill coolant light continuously. There was a leak in the coolant tank.

    Ali fixed it in less than 2 days with just less than $200. He also changes the BMW oil with Full synthetic oil change and filter for about $80.

    I rate him 5/5 for fast and good service. Excellent Service Station. Recommend and want to go again and again.


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